[History + Philosophy]

Born from the musician and artist communities of Northern California, Illigent Apparel designs and manufactures street-style activewear for men and women worldwide. We're proud to say we're made by artists, for artists. We're proud to say we make it here, we design it here, and we ship it from here. 

We originally began when West Coast bass musician and event organizer Jon Curran decided to make clothes [Why?]. Curran, who's been sewing since he's a kid and makes all his own clothes, would make the clothes people liked/wanted, front the money himself or from friends, then bring them to local gatherings and bigger festivals. With enough hype building, Curran recently decided to re-brand his lines under Illigent in 2017, and make his items available nationwide outside of festival culture. [Pictures of Jon and Wormhole]    

- Nowadays, we’re a small but growing collective of musicians and artists that love fashion, art, and music [so we decided to assimilate to one giant unified presentation]. All of our workforce are people we love and respect from our surrounding communities. 

- Illigent locally designs, produces, and ships all of our clothing pieces from Oakland, CA. With your purchase, not only are we grateful for your support of our newly founded clothing line, but also for your support of the local artist and production communities from which we arise from.

[Local Production]

- We operate out of a warehouse in Oakland, CA, which has been artist-run and managed since we first moved here in 2014(?).  

- Purchasing textiles from American textile mills and distributors.

- Both the clothing patterns and graphics are then designed in-house. On certain occasions, we do collaborations with artists from our surrounding community, which we credit and kickback the artist.

- We then either dye-sublimate or screen-print raw sourced fabric on site.

- Finally, pieces are sewn together in-house by one of us, tested amongst our friends for optimization, then iterated till we're all satisfied.

- Then we publish them through social media, online, local gatherings, and occasionally larger festivals and such. 

[Music / Art Family + Sponsorships] 

- We seed our creative labor (seamstresses, warehouse faculty, and models) from our local communities to drive labor back into our surrounding economies. Thus, we attempt to strictly credit any of the artists who share their love and assistance along the process, and you can check out their social media/bios on any of the product descriptions. 

- We proudly host and display any of our creative family/artists' work, including artisan jewelry. We are steadily approaching more artists within our network, but always feel free to reach out to us to get hosted by e-mailing

 - We have collaborations in the work to cross-develop/cross-promote products ranging from musician gear to artist designs on our clothes. Reach us at for more information. 

- You can find us at the following festivals:

The Untz


- Please reach out to us or drop by to say what's up!